the suaven


“Thank Avendi for small favors, for his wrath is never so small.”
House: Blooded of the Falcon
Favored Virtue: Courage
Titles: Master of the Road, Falcon’s Friend, the Beggar Brigand.
Symbol: The symbols most associated with Ashalim Avendi are the bow and white roses. Avendi chose the bow over the sword as his chosen weapon. Because of him, the ven regard the bow as a sacred tool. Still not a weapon, but the only sacred tool.

  • The Name of the Storm
  • The Cloak Deceiveous
  • The Ironwood Bow
  • I am the Road
  • The Sacred Tool


“I don’t need your help, One Eye! Stay out of the way!”
House: Blooded of the Wolf
Favored Virtue: Prowess
Titles: swordsman, old one-eye, the crimson cloak
Symbols: Dyr’s symbol is the Sword and red roses. Plain, simple, elegant.

  • I am the Weapon
  • The Sacrifice Strike
  • Teeth and Claws
  • Tool or Weapon
  • Your Fear is My Ally


“All the world is her child.”
House: Blooded of the Bear
Favored Virtue: Strength
Titles: Holy Mother, Protector, the Green Lady
Symbol: Renay’s symbol is the holly wreath ornamented with mistletoe.

  • Bear’s Hospitality
  • Circle of Protection
  • Hearthward
  • I Brought the Bear
  • Mother’s Children


“Leave an enemy alive and he makes allies. Kill him and he makes a grave.”
House: Blooded of the Elk
Favored Virtue: Cunning
Titles: the Iron Heart, Winter’s Promise, the Ruthless
Symbol: Steele’s symbol is the Elk, a crossed Sword and dagger behind the antlers. The Sword symbolizing the conquering Elk, the dagger representing the consequence of betrayal.

  • The Coldest Heart
  • Even the Moon has a Dark Side
  • Never Again
  • The Vow
  • Moving the Pawn


“She is the Muse of All Muses, the Inspiration for All Beauty.”
House: Blooded of the Fox
Favored Virtue: Beauty
Titles: the Celestial Muse, Sacred Harlot, Keeper of Roses
Symbols: Talia’s symbol is a mirror surrounded by roses. Any color will do.

  • The Befuddling Kiss
  • The Black Kiss
  • The Enchanting Kiss
  • The Goodnight Kiss
  • The Most Subtle Weapon


“Knowledge is the silent weapon.”
House: Blooded of the Serpent
Favored Virtue: Wisdom
Titles: Keeper of Secrets, the Blind One, Whisperer
Symbol: Bran’s symbol is a white mask surrounded by blue roses.

  • I Bear Wisdom’s Price
  • A Moment of Insight
  • I’ve Forgotten More than You’ll Ever Know
  • Serpent Knows the Fox
  • Wisdom’s Clarity

the suaven

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