You know the past. Let’s talk about the present. At least, the world as seen through the pages of a ven pillow book.

Of Shanri itself, no ven maps survive. We have little idea of its geography or topography. Knowing what we do of the Atlanteans, it is safe to say the world we know now could have looked much different in the era of the ven.

We do know the sorcerer-kings all but wrecked the world, leaving in their wake disparate land masses filled with dangerous flora and fauna. Countless eons of experimentation and mutation turned the world around the ven into an enemy. They had to cut through hungry plants and Cunning creatures just to settle their homes.

We also do not even know the locations of the Houses. Most pillow books take place in a kind of fantastic version of Shanri itself—a “mythic Shanri,” if you will. Different sources contradict each other on exactly where the Houses were situated. It is entirely possible strife among the Houses was so ruthless that land changed from hand to Bloody hand on a regular basis. At the very least, that is what the books suggest. And that’s a truth we’ll be maintaining here. The various archipelagos where the ven lived did seem to surround a central “mini-continent” called Q’naldinir (a double meaning: “Golden Center under the Sky” and “Hub of All Revenge”). On Q’naldinir, the Senate was formed, meeting in one of the greatest ruins of the elder age. Poems of its Beauty and awful countenance fill page after page. Weaker ven were said to shudder and stammer in its shadow. I have also found various passages giving credence to the theory that Q’naldinir was also the central point of ven expansion. Other scholars have suggested differently, but I have found little evidence for their hypotheses.

As I said, the ven carved their homes out of the chaos around them with fire and Sword. The world did not yield itself lightly. Two hundred years of Blood and toil. At the time of this book, their work is still undone. Much of Shanri remains unexplored. Vast jungles and hidden ruins hold many promises. Dangerous promises.


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