Shanri has a wide diversity of creatures and plant life. None of it was untouched by the sorcerer-kings. Mutations are everywhere. To the ven, these are ork.

The word “ork” best translates as “monster.” In the English language, we have many kinds of monsters. Trolls, vampires, hobgoblins, boogeymen. All of these fall under the category of “monster.” Likewise, on the face of Shanri, there are many different kinds of orks. (The ven are lax on the usage of “ork,” especially in terms of plurality. Sometimes, they use “ork” as the plural, and others they use “orks.” I’ve tried to maintain a consistent usage here, but I’m afraid it slips now and then.)

On a deeper level, ork means “other” or “outsider.” The context is plain: anything that is not ven is ork. And while we have a distinct hominid impression attached to the word, to the ven, an ork is any living thing that is not ven. It may be bi-pedal, it may be a carnivorous plant, it could also be a spectral force that cannot be entirely seen. Thus, there is also a malicious connotation to the word. Dangerous others are ork. Others that are less dangerous, or even downright safe, are not ork. Instead, they are just ruk. A little word that I’ve translated as “beneath notice.”

Like peasants. Ruk.


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