creation guide

Step 1: Background

Roll 1d6 fifteen times, record each roll and report it to me. THE ORDER YOU ROLL THEM IN IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

I’ll look over the results and tell you what background you’ve rolled up. At that point you have Three Points to augment any roll up or down one point. If there are any results you’re not happy with, let me know and I’ll let you know how many points it will take to adjust things to get where you want.

Step 2: Virtues

The six Virtues are shown at right.

Bear’s Strength physical risks
Elk’s Cunning Season Actions
Falcon’s Courage determination
Fox’s Beauty Romance
Serpent’s Wisdom knowledge
Wolf ’s Prowess Duels
  • Choose one Virtue as your weakness. You have no rank in that Virtue and can never increase it.
  • Assign the following ranks to your remaining Virtues at your discretion: 4, 3, 3, 2, 2.
  • After assigning ranks, add 1 rank to the Virtue associated with your House.

Step 3: Phase

Phases represent your character’s past as well as age. At right are the phases with accompanying benefits

Spring 2 Aspects
1 Contact
Summer 4 Aspects
2 Contacts
Autumn 5 Aspects
1 Solace Aspect
3 Contacts
Winter 6 Aspects
2 Solace Aspects
4 Contacts
    • Typically, player characters start in Spring. Talk to your Narrator about starting in a later phase.
    • Choose or Create a number of Aspects for your character based on your chosen Phase.
    • Pick a number of other player characters to be your character’s Contacts.
    • For each contact, work with the other player to create a story about how your characters met and why you became such close friends.

Step 4: Devotion

You have 3 points to spend on Devotion to Suaven.

  • Your starting Devotion to a single Suaven cannot exceed 3.

Step 5: Domain

The total amount of land that you own is your Domain. Domains are made up of Provinces. Each Province is made up of 10 Regions.


  • Your Province begins with two predetermined Regions: the Castle and the Village.
  • You have 5 points with which you may improve your existing regions or acquire new regions. Each increase in a Regions rank or acquisition of a new region costs 1 point.
  • You may have multiple Regions of the same type in your Province.
  • You may not start play with a Region above Rank 3.

Region Type Resources Trouble
Castle Urban No Resources 1
Farm Rural Food/Industry 1
Forest Rural Food/Lumber 2
Hills Rural Metals/Lumber 1
Jungle Rural Herbs/Lumber 2
Mountain Rural Metals/Stone 2
Plains Rural Spices/Wine 2
Ruins Special Special N/A
Shoreline Rural Trade 1
Swamp Rural Herbs/Poisons 2
Village Urban Goods 2


  • Each region you control that produces Resources, produces a number of Resources each Season equal to its rank (i.e. a rank 2 plain will produce 2 spices or 2 wine).
  • A Region never produces more than one type of resource in a Season. If it produces multiple resources they are all of the same type.


  • You have 5 points with which you may acquire Vassals.
  • Acquiring a rank 1 Vassal costs 1 point.
  • You may spend additional points to increase a Vassal’s Rank.
  • You may not start play with a Vassal above Rank 3.

Apothecary Creates medicines and treats poisons
Caravan Move resources between Regions
Artisan Creates Art
Court Scholar Deals with sorcery and supernatural threats
Herald Delivers information to your people and neighbors
Maid/Valet Assists with mundane tasks
Personal Guard Increase security and prevent assassination
Roadmen Wander the countryside quelling trouble.
Spy Network Increase security and investigate other domains
Staff Servants that make your Castle run smoothly
Spouse Automatic if married. Can’t be purchased.

Step 6: Bonus Points

You have 5 bonus points with which you may purchase the options listed below:
  • Artifact: You may aquire an artifact created by the sorcerer-kings. Each point in an artifact increases its rank by 1.
  • Aspect: You may spend 1 point for an additional Aspect. You many not have more Aspects than your Season limit plus half your Wisdom rounded up.
  • Contact: You may spend 1 point to gain an addition contact.
  • Devotion: You may spend 1 point to increase a Devotion by 1 (max rank 3).
  • Friend: You may spend 1 point to turn a Contact into a friend.
  • Region: You may define one of your unexplored Regions or increase the rank of one of your existing Regions (max rank 3) for a cost of 1 point.
  • Relic: You may spend 1 point to possess an item sacred to one of the greater Suaven.
  • Ritual: You may spend 1 point to know a sorcerous Ritual.
  • Vassal: You may spend 1 point to gain an additional Vassal or increase the rank of an existing Vassal by 1.

creation guide

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