Ambition, Lust, Revenge

You cannot have one without the others.

Thousands of years ago, the ven ruled the world. They were a passionate people, obsessed with Romance and Revenge, opera and theater, and all the forbidden delights their decadent culture provided. In the end, that which made them beautiful was also the key to their own destruction. Houses of the Blooded is a game about tragic obsession.

Vrentae – The great and terrible life of the blooded is a ongoing Campaign of Houses of the Blooded scheduled for Tuesday evenings. This campaign will be played online through the virtual tabletop application Open RPG.

I will only be taking five active players for this campaign, but I will have a waiting list for alternate players. When a player becomes inactive, an alternate player is able to participate. Furthermore, alternate players are allowed to submit season actions, thus progressing slightly through the game even though they are not full players.

(I want to give a shout out to Rob from the Bear Swarm for providing many of the resources listed here. I ‘borrowed’ them as he transcribed them from the Houses book. Thanks for saving me the effort!)

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