the gryuac archipelago

(Gryuac – Times of prosperity / It will be our end)
The Gryuac Archipelago is to the immediate east of Q’naldinar, the center of all of ven prosperity. Renly Yvarai, the Duke of Elmdore; rules over the six major islands that make up the Gryuac Archipelago.

  1. Ordo
  2. Kalkou
  3. Valencio
  4. Llilya
  5. Na’nal’dun
  6. Jaerdom


  • It is the largest and most central island in the Gryuac archipelago.
  • Ordo is also known for it’s vast plains, hills and forests
  • It is a very temperate island with warm summers and cold winters
  • Mechanics: Ordo is known for it’s vast plains, hills and forests. Characters who inhabit in a province in Ordo gain an additional rank to one region. This region must be a forest, hills, farmland or plains.


  • A small island to the immediate west of Ordo
  • Is famous for being the famous homeland of the Suaven – Talten Steele
  • Kalkou is said to host more Q’Val than any other island in the Gryuac archipelago
  • Mechanics: Kalkou is known for it’s devotion to Talten Steele. Characters who inhabit Kalkou gain an additional point of devotion to the Suaven Talten Steele.


  • The southern most island in the Gryuac Archipelago.
  • Valencio is known for it’s hot summers and mild winters.
  • Duke Renly Yvarai’s primary province is in Valencio along with his Castle Bravossi.
  • Mechanics: Valencio is known as a hot spot for those looking to gain favor witht he Duke. Character’s who inhabit Kalkou gain their liege lord as a contact.


  • The western most island in the Gryuac archipelago.
  • Llilya is home to the Lavos family, a merchant family that has found much prestige despite it’s Dirty lineage.
  • The island borders on Q’naldinar (Golden Center under the sky / The Hub of all revenge); the primary capitol of the ven.
  • Mechanics: Llilya is known to be controled by the Lavos merchant family. As a result, character’s who inhabit Llilya gain the ‘Friend of the Merchant’ aspect for free. This is a public aspect.


  • The northern most island in the Gryuac archipelago.
  • Na’nal’dun is known for it’s harsh winters, dense wild lands and proud inhabitants.
  • Na’nal’dun is primarily home to blooded of the Bear and blooded of the Falcon.
  • Mechanics: Na’nal’dun is known to be a harsh place to live, and it’s inhabitants are known to be proud. Character’s who inhabit Na’nal’dun gain the proud aspect for free. This is a public aspect.


  • Jaerdom is the eastern most island in the Gryuac archipelago
  • It is said to have the most ruins of the Sorceror Kings in the Gryuac archipelago.
  • As a result, many Blooded of the Serpent have made Jaerdom a home.
  • Mechanics: Jaerdom is known for it’s strong history in the sorcerer kings… Characters who inhabit Jaerdom start with a ruin or a 1 point artifact for free. It’s their choice.

    the gryuac archipelago

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