3 Things True

* You have all been invited, and are attending the Countess Shajar Yvarai’s birthday court this spring. * * Lady Shajar Yvarai is moving on in life from her years of Summer to Autumn…one step closer to solace * * There is gossip that the Countess’ enemy has been invited by mistake, to attend the party *

The Players Gave Me

  • Suhajka is the Enemy she has let in by mistake
  • Lady Shajar Yvari’s husband is a useless glutton. And i mean GLUTTON.
  • In his stead she’s taken to making Vanya’s husband, her lover.
  • Some Speculate Lady Shajar herself invited her enemies
  • The ‘druid’ from Alexai’s lands has been spreading a cult throughout the rest of the isles
  • The cult has brought Lady Shajar under the Wrath of her favored Suaven.
  • the cult seeks out a treasure held in the coffers of Shajar’s castle, tonight’s party is the night the move to get it.
  • Although she considers Suhajka an enemy, Lady Shajar needs his help to regain her Suaven’s favor.
  • The cult’s primary diety is a strange abyssal thing once revered by the Sorceror’s kings that has been lost to the annals of time

Story 1

A good thing to do is start with reviewing a bit of last session while we start: see the adventure log

Please review what was made true this session before we start:

Quick Recap of what was made true

/d This story starts in the beautiful courtyard of the beautiful Lady Shajar Yvarai, Countess of Ymil, Blooded of the Fox.. Various ven gather to enjoy the warm summer breeze. Though it is early evening, the sun remains well above the horizon. One of those fortunate beauties that summer brings. The blooded gather to speak in small groups in and around the courtyard. Some practice the game of archery at the targets off in the long stretching field not far from the glamorous pond that rolls up the west side of the castles entrance way.

Please Start off by whispering me your current unspent style, and then proceed to roleplay your entrance


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