Session 3
Story 2, Spring, Year 1, Entry 3


Narrator’s Notes

I enjoyed this session. It turned out well considering all the obstacles. We had one player who was going to miss the beginning of the game, and a second who was struggling with the buggy as ever Open RPG application. Fortunately, we were able to work through the issues and still get a good two and a half hours of gaming in.

This session can be summarized as our ‘mass murder tutorial’ as that took the better part of an hour and half to hash through. You see, everything online takes double the time it does in a live game, with the exception of combat. Combat typically takes triple the time it should. Then we needed to go over how the combat actually worked.

I found myself feeling bad for the two players who opted out of the mass murder scene. Though they were doing very important things that we will get to at the beginning of next session, I wanted to focus on the mass murder in order to provide a proper tutorial. I really like where this session went, and I look forward to see where the players take it from here.

Things Made True

We started the session by discussing how we were going to handle transition from story to story. Those players who were in the game at the time, all agreed that it would be best to start most stories with three things true, and then allow wisdom risks to set the scene.

I gave the players the following

  • It has been a month since Yavan Adrente’s tragic death
  • It is a night of the full moon
  • The setting remains within Alexai Yvarai’s province of Tryran Dur

The Players Gave Me

  • Over the course of the month a few noteworthy ven have simply disappeared
  • A Full Moon is a bad Omen in this part of Shanri
  • Alexai’s betrothed has been in very deep mourning over the death of her beloved
  • The player characters are meeting with the Arch Druid on the night of the full moon. (Style Spent)
  • There are rumors of a mysterious mist rolling through the Domain of Baron Alexai Yvarai (Style Spent)
  • The mist hides an ork tribe. (Style Spent)
  • Born under a good omen or blessed by his patrons, Alexai has evaded the curse that was on his brother (Style Spent)
  • A Blooded of the Bear (Dagul Burghe) from Na’Nal’Dun is among the missing Ven. (Style Spent)

In addition to the things stated at the beginning of the game, the following things were set as prominent story leads

  • Talashan The Talashan (Archdruid) arrived through the tick of the forest, with a child hanging off his right hand, and a large yellow crystal within his left. A contested wisdom roll was made two two free wagers to discover more about the crystal, talashan and the boy.
  • It was here that we determined that the boy was a veth child of Yavan Adrente’s.
  • The Crystal is the reason why the mist and the ork tribe have come to this province.
  • As the druid approaches the group of Ven, the child bursts into loud wails
  • because he must suffer a terrible ritual to “save the lands”
  • The crystal resonates in response to the childs cries
  • The orc scouts can hear the child’s cries from some distance away
  • The Talashan needs a blooded ven related to the child to perform the aforementioned ritual.
  • The Archdruid is actually surprised by the response of the crystal to the childs wailing
  • The Full Moon is making the ork crave the sound of the resonating crystal
  • The Talashan’s understanding of the ritual is truly lacking.

The players also learn throughout their journey into the forest that the ritual that is about to take place, is to remove a threat left behind from the dreaded Sorcerer Kings, and that it involves some sort of ruins.


As mentioned above in the Things Made True, I started this session by giving them three things true to help set the story. A month had past since the last session. It was a full moon. The setting remains within the province of Tryran Dur.

The players in turn provided me with the important information. The players were going to meet with The Talashan (Archdruid) upon the night of the full moon. And so they gathered at the Rock of Three Hands at the edge of the forest in Tryran Dur. The Talashan eventually arrived, along with a mysterious boy and a yellow crystal. The boy was determined to be the illegitimate veth born child of Yavan Adrente. Both the boy and yellow crystal were said to be vital to whatever was to come of the night.

The Talashan spoke of saving the land again. Alexai Yvarai was growing frustrated with the Talashan’s puzzling phrases. Suhajka Jalan began to see that this was all linked, and very important. Gwanal Yvarai found herself quickly annoyed with the boys crying. Vanya Steele was able to calm him down, earning the boys trust. At least for a time.

As they began to enter the forest, the Talashan revealed the plan. Within the forest, there is a ruin of the Sorceror Kings that was a great threat to Shanri. He intended to banish this threat, with the help of the boy, the crystal and Alexai Yvarai, though he wasn’t able to place exactly how it would all work together.

As they went further into the forest, it became much thicker, and very hard to walk through. Despite the other’s difficulties, Maurevel Thorne moved through the forest with great ease. Alexai also had little trouble navigating the forest due to his familiarity with it. Gwanal tripped at the wrong time, and found herself cut in several places by branches with thorns.

Not long after, the group entered a clearing in the forest. The fog was still thick, making it very hard to see beyond a few feet ahead. It was here that the group would hear the sounds of battle. Both the boy and the Talashan dissapeared from the other’s view. Alexai managed to trip on one of his fallen roadman’s corpse. He was able to see teeth and claw marks. These were all hints of the dangerous threat of orks present.

Gwanal fled the threat range, assigning her personal guard to assist Alexai. Vanya moved to find the boy by getting a better vantage point of the area by finding higher ground.

Meanwhile, Maurevel, Suhajka and Gwanal’s Personal Guard formed up on Alexai’s back and prepared to face off against these deadly Orks.

There were four in total, appearing to be four legged creatures with sharp fangs and razor claws. Maurevel Thorne was the first to deliver a deadly blow as chaos spread around them. All three ven would land hits upon their enemy, but two would find themselves near death in the end. In the end, Alexai and half of Gwanal’s personal guard stood relatively unharmed, while the others found themselves gravely wounded. Suhajka took a deadly gash from right shoulder to left abdomen while Maurevel found himself dealing with a vicious fanged stab wound on his right shoulder.

As they gathered their wits, they realized that neither Gwanal or Vanya were within sight…

To Be Continued Next Week

The Log

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Session 2
Story 1, Spring, Year 1, Entry 2


Narrator’s Notes

We are definitely improving. Our new players are starting to get the difference between spending style and making a risk. They are also starting to comprehend the power allotted to the players via the system. I think the final flavor piece of the game that needs to be grasped is that it doesn’t always have to come down to a risk or an expenditure of style. Sometimes, you just have to role-play the way you would in any other game. Without the role-play, things get dry very quickly. I look forward to where things progress from here.

Things Made True

I started by telling players that the dinner feast as well as Yavan Adrente’s blooding ceremony into the Blooded of the Wolf had already come in past. I had them make contested wisdom rolls to tell me anything significant that happened during that time.

The Players Gave Me

  • Suhajka was the Q’Val selected to oversee the Blooding ritual.
  • (Style spent)
  • Yavan’s Blooding ritual and ceremony were a resounding success
  • A Wolf Suaven is very impressed with Yavan’s performance.
  • And decides to begin influencing his life.
  • Though it looked as the Yavan’s previously mentioned ‘condition’ might overtake him, Vanya Steele and the Q’Val Suhajkaprepared a brew to combat the condition.
  • (Style spent)
  • The Duke, having arrived to witness the ceremony, seemed thoroughly unimpressed with Yavan and ready to leave by the time it was over.
  • In addition to the things stated at the beginning of the game, the following things were set as prominent story leads

  • [:56896 | Lady Shajar Yvarai]]’s daughter was waylaid by bandits, thus preventing her arrival to this party. Fortunately, her husband Maurevel Thorne had assigned his personal guard to look after her.
  • Duke Renly Yvarai was convinced through conversation by Suhajka to forget his plans for Yavan who had chosen House Wolf over House Fox, and replace him instead with the brother that had already chosen Fox; Duke Renly Yvarai.
  • At least a portion of those plans were already discovered through the use of an artifact by Lady Vanya Steele. The artifact was placed in the meeting room where the Duke had started his negotiations with Lord Olindar Adrente.
  • Yavan Adrente was outraged when the Duke’s initial plans were announced. His daughter was now arranged to marry Alexai Yvarai next spring instead of Yavan Adrente.
  • Yavan Adrente was killed by his condition which appeared to be anything but natural.
  • Recap

    Because this session was a continuation of the last, there was no real introduction. Instead, I provided the players with an opportunity to tell me what happened during the dinner feast and Yavan Adrente’s blooding ceremony. It is best to view the Things Made True section above if you want full details on what was made true. Suffice to say, Yavan’s ceremony was a success. Duke Renly Yvarai and his daughter arrived in time to see the ceremony. He appeared thoroughly unimpressed.

    This story continued in the Castle Valedi’dur on the central island of Ordo, just after the Blooding Ceremony. With all the ceremonies out of the way, the real party begins. Various ven covered the banquet hall, socializing, plotting and drinking wine. Foxwine was present. Some tasted it. Many indulged in it. Maurevel Thorne was able to resist it’s true temtpation, for now.

    As mentioned above, Lady Shajar Yvarai offered Duke Renly advice on his dilemma. If he was dissapointed that Yavan had chosen the Wolf instead of the Fox, why not work with the brother that has already chosen the Fox. Of course, he was implying Alexai Yvarai. After a few more glasses of Foxwine, the Duke thought this idea brilliant, and began scheming. He asked the seneschal, Vanya Steele to find Lord Olindar Adrente as he had wished to speak with him. Vanya had asked why, but her inquiry was shut down quickly by the Duke’s pompous demands. Not wishing to offend the Duke, she quickly took leave to do just that. Finally, the Duke warned Suhajka against his ideas going poorly, as if Suhajka had some influence over the matter.

    At the same time, Gwanal Yvarai had started conversation with Lady Shajar Yvarai about the plesantries of life, and their history performing together. Lady Shajar Yvarai is a musician, and Lady Gwanal Yvarai is a well known singer. After enough Foxwine, Lady Shajar built up the nerve to agree to Lady Gwanal’s performance. Lady Gwanal made quickly for the composer to interrupt before the next song. With the plans now in place, Lady Shajar’s artisans and Lady Gwanal prepared for a performance of a lifetime.

    Cut to the scene on the dance floor. Just off of the dance floor, Lord Maurevel Thorne loomed quietly, while in contrast; Alexai Yvarai continued to thrive as the life of the party. Wishing no ven to be bored, Alexai quickly set the young Myellian and the Baron Thorne up with a dance. He was quite successful in entertaining the young Falcon Baron from Na’nal’dun.

    As Lady Gwanal and the Countess Shajar take the stage, it is apparent that Duke Renly is quite drunk. He continues to converse with others while the rest of the crowd falls silent to view the performance.

    The performance is a resounding success, as the musicians and singer sweep through three different styles. The first is a pastoral melody to praise the land. The second invokes the great romantic works of our people and society. The third is a romping, rousing segment that intends to have everyone on their feet cheering by the end.

    The performers set out to share three moods in one, and they managed to do so, despite the Duke’s interruptions. By this point the Duke was good and drunk, and made sure to interrupt between the second and third segment. Despite his most belligerent interruptions, the performers played on.

    After the performance, Maurevel Thorne took the opportunity to meet Gwanal and speak with Lady Shajar. At the same time, the Duke was led to Count Olindar by Alexai, and quickly made off with him to a private room for further private discussion. The Lady Vanya took an opportunity here to use her position as Seneschal to slide an artifact into the room that would allow her to hear of their dealings.

    As the night’s party came to a close, the Duke took the stage for a toast and announcement. He first toasted Yavan in congratulations, before moving quickly to announce what he had been scheming all night. The Duke declared the betrothal of his daughter to the hand of Lord Alexai Yvarai.

    This resulted in the younger brother Yavan, who was previously betrothed; to be sent into an uproar. Seeing the boy in an uproar, the Duke sent his guard to have the boy intimidated into tranquility. The uproar seemed to have triggered Yavan’s condition, and as he turned to leave, blood dripped from his eyes. This has been previously seen. What followed has never been seen or accounted for. Yavan’s chest erupted in flames and his body fell lifeless to the floor. The supernatural phenomenon sent nearly all the blooded running for safety in their chambers. Maurevel and Alexai were courageous enough to consider staying behind.

    As the ven took their beds at night, many were plagued with nightmares of the final event of the night.

    End of Story One of Season One

    The Log

    You can view the Logs page, or you can Session 2 Log by following the appropriate link.

    Session 1
    Story 1, Spring, Year 1, Entry 1


    Narrator’s Notes

    (The narrator notes section of the adventure log will be my out of game take on what happened in the session.)

    This was a very good starting session, though I believe my expectations were too high given the amount of ‘fresh blood’ we had in the game. It’s going to take people a while to learn Houses of the Blooded. Roleplay is houses is different than any other game, because you are also putting on the hat of the narrator at the same time. I think as people learn Houses, things become less chaotic. They move along quite a bit better. People begin to feed off each other’s creativity until everything begins to tie together nicely. We’ll get there. I’m sure of it.

    Things Made True

    (This section will be very important to glance over before the start of each new session. Houses allows for a lot of narrative freedoms for the players. If they aren’t careful, the game can drift off into absolute chaos as people forgoe previous things made true for new scenario’s. In order to provide players with a quick recap of what was made true last session, I have made this section. To find out more details about the session as a whole, please see the Recap or Log sections below.)

    I started by telling Alexai that his sister was pushing him to host a party this spring. He informed me that he would agree to do so. It seems that it was Alexai’s brothers coming of age ceremony that would be the very first session.

    Yavan Adrente

    Three Things True

  • He is Alexais younger brother
  • Yavan currently has no claim to a province, and thus no liege-lord
  • It is said that the young Yavan befriended the Duke Renly ‘s only child
  • The Players Added

  • Yavan is considering becoming a Q’Val
  • But the | Duke has other plans for him.
  • Duke Renlys Only child is betrothed to Yavan for when they come of age.
  • The younger brother made a rather embarrassing attempt to initiate a romance at the last social gathering had.
  • Rumor has it that Yavan’s healers are worried that his extreme nervousness over tonights party will exacerbate a “condition.”
  • This condition is somewhat common in Yavan’s blood.
  • In addition to the things stated at the beginning of the game, the following things were set as prominent story leads:
  • The Arch Druid ‘s unwanted arrival and outburst. As well as his invitation to the woods three ‘moons’ from now.
  • The Duke’s unexpected arrival announced by one of his Roadmen who was sent ahead to gain the Baron’s approval.
  • Recap

    (The recap portion of the game will be quick descriptions of the things that were made true over the course of the session. This section will include as much detail as possible without being hard to manage or read. For real detail, a log will be posted below for every session. Keep in mind that online games take longer to progress. It will probably take two or three sessions to get done with the same amount of detail that can be managed in a single ‘live’ session.)

    As with most Houses games, the campaign started with the GM laying out some facts. I provided the players with pre-game descriptions of the gryuac archipelago. I provided them with unique details about their characters based on which island they are from, as well as any rivals or enemies they have. I will make sure to post more on that in the NPC tracker on this site.

    The first adventure of the game is the coming of age party for Yavan Adrente, the younger brother of our Host Alexai Yvarai. The opening scene involved the arrival of various nobles of the Blooded to the castle Valedi’dur on the central island of Ordo.

    Among the welcomed guests arriving, were Maurevel Thorne hailing from Na’nal’dun, Suhajka Jalan hailing from Llilya, and Gwanal Yvarai hailing from Llilya.

    The scene started with dinner being announced in an hour. Many ven took this opportunity to meet and socialize in the baquet hall. The party had only just begun, and there were already dealings being made.

    As the various guests entered, a few specific things happened. Alexai greeted his cousin Gwanal personally, and the two began to parade themselves around the banquet hall, welcoming guests and serving as a stunning show to all those who had entered.

    At the same time, an old mad man dressed in dull and old clothing from a century ago, moved through the crowd. He appeared to be looking for someone, and brushed past anyone who was ‘not him’.

    Just then, a Roadmen appeared at the entrance to the banquet hall and approached Maurevel. He asked to speak with Alexai’s seneschal.

    The scene cuts to Vanya Steele, Alexai’s seneschal who has spotted the old man’s interruptions. After speaking with him, she was left with only frustration and asked Alexai’s personal guard to be prepared to remove him.

    Maurevel caught up with Vanya and was able to inform her about the Roadman at the door. Approaching, she learned that it was Duke Renly Yvarai ‘s Roadman. The Duke’s previous plans were canceled and he had interest to join the party within the Province of Tryran Dur.

    At the same time, the old man had found who he was looking for. He managed to locate Alexai, and quickly erupted into a tempered shout. He claimed that he was a friend to the land. More importantly, he claimed that Alexai had been forsaking his land, and that the ‘magic’ of the land was in jeopordy.

    To most ven, this notion would be silly… Everyone knows the only real magic that exists comes from sorcery which is entirely founded from the terrible Sorceror Kings. It’s their legacy, really. What made his claims worse is it was apparent this man was veth, ruk….dirt. A peasant making such bold claims at a lord’s party? How did he even get in there. Before he could be cut down for his blatant disrespect, he offered those present, including the Q’Val Suhajka; the right to join him in ‘three moons’ at the edge of the forest. It was there upon a rock with three hands that he would begin to show them the truth about the magic of the land.

    With the disappointment of the crowd coming very quickly at The Arch Druid’s outbursts, Gwanal and Alexai worked quickly to steal their attention. Music came a bit earlier than expected, and it seemed a brief dance prior to dinner would occur. Typically such dances are reserved for the late evening. The distraction worked well, and many ven began dancing.

    Vanya informed Alexai of the Duke’s soon unexpected arrival, but it seemed he was too busy playing host to notice. With a bit of protest, Vanya went off to arrange for the Duke’s grand sleeping quarters. Meanwhile, Suhajka delivered a gift of a book bound in Ork skin to the most gracious host of this party…

    To Be Continued in Session 2

    The Log

    (This section will incorporate an actual log of the game from start to finish.)

    You can view the Logs page, or you can Session 1 Log by following the appropriate link.


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