Yavan Adrente


Yavan Adrente, Blooded of the Wolf

Things True

  • He is Alexais younger brother
  • Yavan currently has no claim to a province, and thus no liege-lord
  • It is said that the young Yavan befriended theDuke Renly ‘s only child
  • Yavan is considering becoming a Q’Val
  • But the | Duke has other plans for him.
  • Duke Renlys Only child is betrothed to Yavan for when they come of age.
  • The younger brother made a rather embarrassing attempt to initiate a romance at the last social gathering had.
  • Rumor has it that Yavan’s healers are worried that his extreme nervousness over tonights party will exacerbate a “condition.”
  • This condition is somewhat common in Yavan’s blood.
  • One symptom of the condition is bleeding from the eyes.
  • What is called the ‘final symptom’ after Yavan’s death, is the phenomenon in which one’s chest bursts into flames.
  • Yavan was not happy about his betrothal being removed and replaced by his brother Alexai. (Session 2 Recap)
  • Yavan’s death was just a few short hours after his blooding into the Adrente house of the Wolf.
  • Bio:

    Yavan Adrente

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