Lady Shajar Yvarai


Lady Shajar Yvarai, Countess of Ymil, Blooded of the Fox

Leige Lord

Known Vassals
  • Maurevel Thorne
  • Lady Gwanal Yvarai
  • Things True

  • She is very politically active
  • The Countess is on good terms with her son in law, Maurevel
  • She is an outstanding musician
  • She has not always been politically active, and there are many uncertainties and mysteries surrounding her youth; whispers abound especially of sorcerous activity.
  • Shajar Yvarai is said to prefer the entertainment of her niece, Baroness Gwanal Yvarai, for both private and public functions.
  • Her young twin sons (by her current marriage) have already developed a reputation for ruthlessness, drunkeness, and the heartbreak of many a young woman.
  • Known Relations

  • Mother-in-law to Maurevel Thorne
  • Aunt to Gwanal Yvarai
  • Bio:

    Lady Shajar Yvarai

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