Session 1

Story 1, Spring, Year 1, Entry 1


Narrator’s Notes

(The narrator notes section of the adventure log will be my out of game take on what happened in the session.)

This was a very good starting session, though I believe my expectations were too high given the amount of ‘fresh blood’ we had in the game. It’s going to take people a while to learn Houses of the Blooded. Roleplay is houses is different than any other game, because you are also putting on the hat of the narrator at the same time. I think as people learn Houses, things become less chaotic. They move along quite a bit better. People begin to feed off each other’s creativity until everything begins to tie together nicely. We’ll get there. I’m sure of it.

Things Made True

(This section will be very important to glance over before the start of each new session. Houses allows for a lot of narrative freedoms for the players. If they aren’t careful, the game can drift off into absolute chaos as people forgoe previous things made true for new scenario’s. In order to provide players with a quick recap of what was made true last session, I have made this section. To find out more details about the session as a whole, please see the Recap or Log sections below.)

I started by telling Alexai that his sister was pushing him to host a party this spring. He informed me that he would agree to do so. It seems that it was Alexai’s brothers coming of age ceremony that would be the very first session.

Yavan Adrente

Three Things True

  • He is Alexais younger brother
  • Yavan currently has no claim to a province, and thus no liege-lord
  • It is said that the young Yavan befriended the Duke Renly ‘s only child
  • The Players Added

  • Yavan is considering becoming a Q’Val
  • But the | Duke has other plans for him.
  • Duke Renlys Only child is betrothed to Yavan for when they come of age.
  • The younger brother made a rather embarrassing attempt to initiate a romance at the last social gathering had.
  • Rumor has it that Yavan’s healers are worried that his extreme nervousness over tonights party will exacerbate a “condition.”
  • This condition is somewhat common in Yavan’s blood.
  • In addition to the things stated at the beginning of the game, the following things were set as prominent story leads:
  • The Arch Druid ‘s unwanted arrival and outburst. As well as his invitation to the woods three ‘moons’ from now.
  • The Duke’s unexpected arrival announced by one of his Roadmen who was sent ahead to gain the Baron’s approval.
  • Recap

    (The recap portion of the game will be quick descriptions of the things that were made true over the course of the session. This section will include as much detail as possible without being hard to manage or read. For real detail, a log will be posted below for every session. Keep in mind that online games take longer to progress. It will probably take two or three sessions to get done with the same amount of detail that can be managed in a single ‘live’ session.)

    As with most Houses games, the campaign started with the GM laying out some facts. I provided the players with pre-game descriptions of the gryuac archipelago. I provided them with unique details about their characters based on which island they are from, as well as any rivals or enemies they have. I will make sure to post more on that in the NPC tracker on this site.

    The first adventure of the game is the coming of age party for Yavan Adrente, the younger brother of our Host Alexai Yvarai. The opening scene involved the arrival of various nobles of the Blooded to the castle Valedi’dur on the central island of Ordo.

    Among the welcomed guests arriving, were Maurevel Thorne hailing from Na’nal’dun, Suhajka Jalan hailing from Llilya, and Gwanal Yvarai hailing from Llilya.

    The scene started with dinner being announced in an hour. Many ven took this opportunity to meet and socialize in the baquet hall. The party had only just begun, and there were already dealings being made.

    As the various guests entered, a few specific things happened. Alexai greeted his cousin Gwanal personally, and the two began to parade themselves around the banquet hall, welcoming guests and serving as a stunning show to all those who had entered.

    At the same time, an old mad man dressed in dull and old clothing from a century ago, moved through the crowd. He appeared to be looking for someone, and brushed past anyone who was ‘not him’.

    Just then, a Roadmen appeared at the entrance to the banquet hall and approached Maurevel. He asked to speak with Alexai’s seneschal.

    The scene cuts to Vanya Steele, Alexai’s seneschal who has spotted the old man’s interruptions. After speaking with him, she was left with only frustration and asked Alexai’s personal guard to be prepared to remove him.

    Maurevel caught up with Vanya and was able to inform her about the Roadman at the door. Approaching, she learned that it was Duke Renly Yvarai ‘s Roadman. The Duke’s previous plans were canceled and he had interest to join the party within the Province of Tryran Dur.

    At the same time, the old man had found who he was looking for. He managed to locate Alexai, and quickly erupted into a tempered shout. He claimed that he was a friend to the land. More importantly, he claimed that Alexai had been forsaking his land, and that the ‘magic’ of the land was in jeopordy.

    To most ven, this notion would be silly… Everyone knows the only real magic that exists comes from sorcery which is entirely founded from the terrible Sorceror Kings. It’s their legacy, really. What made his claims worse is it was apparent this man was veth, ruk….dirt. A peasant making such bold claims at a lord’s party? How did he even get in there. Before he could be cut down for his blatant disrespect, he offered those present, including the Q’Val Suhajka; the right to join him in ‘three moons’ at the edge of the forest. It was there upon a rock with three hands that he would begin to show them the truth about the magic of the land.

    With the disappointment of the crowd coming very quickly at The Arch Druid’s outbursts, Gwanal and Alexai worked quickly to steal their attention. Music came a bit earlier than expected, and it seemed a brief dance prior to dinner would occur. Typically such dances are reserved for the late evening. The distraction worked well, and many ven began dancing.

    Vanya informed Alexai of the Duke’s soon unexpected arrival, but it seemed he was too busy playing host to notice. With a bit of protest, Vanya went off to arrange for the Duke’s grand sleeping quarters. Meanwhile, Suhajka delivered a gift of a book bound in Ork skin to the most gracious host of this party…

    To Be Continued in Session 2

    The Log

    (This section will incorporate an actual log of the game from start to finish.)

    You can view the Logs page, or you can Session 1 Log by following the appropriate link.



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