Session 9

Story 4, Winter, Year 1, Entry 9


Narrator’s Notes

With multiple sessions taking place in the summer, I thought it appropriate to skip year one’s autumn entirely and move straight to winter. Winter, the most terrible season in Shanri. The season where the Enemy is least dormant. This was a short session other than a lot of in character time for Maurevel and Gwanal. Suhajka had to leave early. Vanya and my newest player couldn’t make it.

Things Made True

I started this session with the following: • Dagul Burghe has been tried and was found guilty for his crimes. As a result he has offered to take the black and serve within Lady Shajar Yvarai’s guard. • Dagul’s sister, Lady Atami Banin, Blooded of the Wolf has taken his lands. She is ruthless and serves a different Count instead of Lady Shajar. • There are rumors that she has her eyes set on Maurevel’s borders, and may be raising a secret army.

Then the players gave me: • The Woods hold a forgotten Shrine to Ecc Jalan • As of late, for whatever reason, a lot of forest animals are being found dead more and more often. Not mauled, just dead. • The most common animals to be found dead are birds of prey, such as hawks, eagles. Or falcons. • The Relic once held at the Temple has been taken by one of Lady Atami Bannin’s Generals. • Maurevel has already moved his spy network into action working to find the cause of the odd deaths to the birds of prey • The dead animals have lead them to discover the long forgotten Temple. • Maurevel has personally lead units of his Roadmen to patrol his border this has proven to be taxing on him, he has not been sleeping much at all • Vanya is well aware of the particular relic gone missing. She has experience with it in fact and it’s….abilities. (Style) • The Secret Army has not been provoked when the story begins.


Abhazsson Fortress, Lord Muarvel’s castle; was the chosen setting for this story. The scene opens up within Maurevel’s lord chambers. This would be the place where he might meet with his vassals to discuss the matters at hand. As this is a very small gathering, this room has been converted for wine and food for the guests that have traveled so far. Even so, there is business at hand.

As the guests begin to poor into the room, some familiar faces are seen. Aside from the player characters being present, Rali Yvarai, Count Kether, and Lady Shajar arrived. A member of Maurevel’s spy network came rushing in the room . He returned from a mission with blood on his face. He confirmed the secret armies whereabouts, on the other side of Lommig Forest. They were able to confirm that the secret army was large.

A conversation occurred between Gwanal, Lady Shajar and Maurevel to discuss what steps to take against a common threat. Gwanal requested a private and secure room for further discussion on this matter. Maurevel agreed and sent for such a room to be secured. He also voiced interest in having Vanya and the Q’val present for this meeting for council and advisement.

To Be Continued



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