Session 8

Story 3, Summer, Year 1, Entry 8


Narrator’s Notes

Last session ended with Lord Burghe, the cultists and Vanya arriving at the temple. Prepared to fight, the cultists had their weapons ready, but Suhajka did not provoke them.

Instead, the Q’val invited them to join him in clearing the temple. Maurevel was quickly making his way down with his personal guard, and Lady Gwanal followed in suit with Lady Shajar and her house guard.

Things Made True

As this was the second continuation of the summer story, we did not start with three things true.

Listed below is a collection of things made true through style or risks throughout the session.

Things Made True Throughout the Session, and other various plot points

  • Dagul Yvarai was one of the cultists in yellow.
  • Maurevel’s sister is one of the cultists in yellow.
  • Alexai Yvarai was one of the cultists in yellow.
  • The Cult were after a satchel hidden within a secret compartment in the eastern corner of the temple.
  • The satchel contained a perfect replica of a high-profile Duke’s head. It is so well-made, it almost feels warm to the touch.
  • Rali Yvarai fainted after witnessing the feats Suhajka put Dagul Burghe through.
  • Alexai was not acting himself.
  • Alexai fell unconcious without any obvious cause.
  • There were obvious signs of sorcery on Alexai.


The new scene opened with Vanya convincing the cultist standing watch over her that their likelihood of success at whatever it was they were trying to accomplish was slim. Not only that, but the cultist standing guard grew more worrysome over earning this Suaven’s wrath.

The Q’val Suhajka waved over a few of the cultists to help him pick up the statue. In the process of moving it, Suhajka tripped on a broken stone tile and the statue fell right onto two of the cultists. Both cultists had their legs pinned by the statue and they cried out in pain.

The sound of fast footsteps can be heard down the great hall. Reinforcements.

Lord Dagul Burghe considers the situation with two of his men down, and the sound of footsteps outside the temple. In his zealous attempt to take Suhajka captive, he manages to put his blade into Suhajka’s side. Wounding the Q’val was not his intention, but he continues as if it were; continuing with the plan of a hostage situation.

Maurevel arrives with his roadmen in stride, and commands the cultists to disarm. Dagul’s company of men do not disarm, but do keep distance from Maurevel’s roadmen, unwilling to provoke a fight with their daggers againsted sword wielding roadmen.

Unable to retreive his sword form the Q’val’s side, Burghe begins to push the Q’val in front of him as he makes his way to the far corner of the room. Vanya moved to press the matter of how bad the situation was for Burghe, but he was not convinced. Maurevel aimed his bow at Lord Burghe looking for the right opportunity.

Lady Shajar, Lady Gwanal and Lady Shajar’s personal guard arrive in time to see Lord Burghe’s sword in Suhajka’s side. Dagul Burghe continued forcing the Q’val with him to the far corner of the room as various voices shouted their demands. The large bear of a man finally reached the far corner of the room, and pulled forth a stone to reveal a secret compartment. He then pulled forth a satchel and quickly took ahold of Suhajka again.

Maurevel Thorne, waiting patiently with his bow; finds an opening. He lets loose an arrow that finds Lord Burghe right in the eye. Lord Burghe was thrown backward by the force of the arrow and the satchel fell to the ground. Suhajka pitched forward now that he was free from the cultist’s grasp. At this point, Lord Baron Moryandal Tammel; Blooded of the Fox made his first appearance. Sanctioned by Count Kether, the Baron was sent to keep a close eye on whatever took Lady Shajar from her own party. He was also to serve as her protector.

With Lord Burghe down, and the Q’val no longer under threat; the Countess Shajar took ahold of the situation and had the cultists surrounded and disarmed. Once they were captives, their hoods came down. All the cultists were prominent blooded that our protagonists are familiar with. Three of the cultists were known well..

The twin, Dagul Yvarai; was the cultists who had turned during the conflict to aid Vanya. The second face to be revealed was that of Maurevel’s sister. And lastly, Lord Alexai Yvarai. It was Alexai’s reveal that drew the most attention and concern. It was then that Alexai smirked and broke free from the guards. He moved quickly to try and leave the room but was unable to do so. He doubled back towards Lady Vanya and Suhajka. Lady Vanya was upset and calling for her Lord’s death after seeing his batrayl.

Lady Gwanal called out loud the probability of sorcery being at work. Lord Alexai moved to confront Lord Moryandal who has blocked Alexai’s path. As Moryandal raised his sword, Alexai planted himself on it’s tip to take injury. But Moryandal’s sword skill was enough to press him back and knock him over without any further injury.

With Alexai and Lord Burghe down, the guards began to clear the room with the cultists in captivity. Suhajka revealed that the Countess’ twins were involved in this mess. Maurevel offered Vanya the satchel. Lady Vanya would go on to check the satchel expecitng something such as an artifact, but finding the head instead.

The concludes our summer story. The beginning of the next session will reveal additional truths that could not be concluded before the session was finished.

End of Story



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