Session 7

Story 3, Summer, Year 1, Entry 7


Narrator’s Notes

Last session ended with Gwanal and Rali entering the defiled temple of Talia Yvarai underneath Lady Shajar Yvarai’s temple.

This session continued towards closure of this Summer story.

But it did not resolve this session. See below for information on what actually happened.

Things Made True

As this was the second continuation of the summer story, we did not start with three things true.

Listed below is a collection of things made true through style or risks throughout the session.

Things Made True Throughout the Session, and other various plot points

  • Suhajka Jalan gave Rali Yvarai a Rank 5 injury.
  • There is a light well that reaches the south wall of th ecastle, down to the temple itself.
  • Yellow was the color of the Devotion.
  • Lady Shajar is related to Count Kether through marraige.


The new scene opened just as Gwanal and Rali Yvarai entered to see the desecrated temple of Talia Yvarai while Maurevel hid in the shadows, spying.

Vanya and Suhajka arrived to see the terrible mess ahead.

The Q’val used his intimidating presence to convince Rali Yvarai of his involvement, but the ginger-haired boy did not comply.

Suhajka fell under the power of the Suaven and delivered a near fatal would to Rali Yvarai.

Rali Yvarai tried to call out in mercy, and Maurevel demanded that he be let down. The twin brother was given mercy, and would comply to his end of the bargain. He spoke of Lord Dagul Burghe’s bribe that offered the boys an opportunity to rise to the rank of Baron for the desecreation of the temple. He also provided the ork parts.

Gwanal and Maurevel went to inform the Countess Shajar of her sons and Lord Burghe’s involvement in what happened, and to bring her here to see it. The injured Rali was left in the Q’val’s care who was busy cleaning up the mess in the temple.

Rali, feeling truly guilty for what he had done, agreed to Suhajka’s terms to care for the temple of Talia Yvarai. Just as the three blooded exited the catacombs and made for the garden, they noticed voices ahead. Though it is now the dark of night, the moon shines up ahead to reveal the forbidden color of yellow… Several cloaked figures in fact, wearing the forbidden color.

Gwanal, Maurevel and Vanya hid themselves within the brush nearby. Vany came to the realization that the Q’val was still down there, and would be caught off guard by the presence of the cloaked figures. In an attempt to correct this, she made herself known; but not before giving Maurevel a white rock and telling him to put it in the well.

Vanya found herself a quick hostage at knife point and the cloaked figures made their way into the catacombs. Maurevel and Gwanal moved quickly through the garden where they came upon a fallen house guard in the garden pond. The moonlight shimmered on the bloody water. As they moved past, Maurevel collected his men and made for the temple below while Gwanal continued in search of Lady Shajar.

Lady Shajar was found in the primary blooded gathering alongside Count Kether. Lady Gwanal made a request to speak with Lady Shajar in private. The Countess insisted on Kether staying, but Gwanal pressed her further. After telling Lady Shajar of the trouble below, Lady Shajar called her Captain of the Guard and had her guard organized and gathered just outside the garden. They would make for fast pursuit of the cultists…

The scene changed back to Suhajka who had already received the white rock and yellow flower, taking note of both clues. Lord Burghe, the cultists and Vanya entered the temple prepared for a fight, but received no hostile response from the Q’val. Instead, Suhajka asked for their aid in clensing the temple.

To Be Continued



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