Session 6

Story 3, Summer, Year 1, Entry 6


Narrator’s Notes

After the cliffhanger that ended the previous session, there was a long delay until the next session.

During this down time, we said goodbye to Ian, the player of Alexai Yvarai who would be leaving the campaign for good.

This session went pretty well, considering there was about a month break.

Things Made True

As this was a continuation of a previous session, we did not start with three things true.

Listed below is a collection of things made true through style or risks throughout the session.

Things Made True Throughout the Session, and other various plot points

  • Count Kether was trying rather suspiciously to get out of the banquet hall but was cut off from doing so.
  • Suhajka Jalan intimidated Count Kether in front of everyone.
  • Kether realized the Suaven’s Warth gives powers to the Q’val who knows how to wield it.
  • Kether used his own bit of sorcery to tag Suhajka to give him the Moving the Pawn Free Aspect at Rank 3.
  • The twins were manipulated into believing that Suhajka and Gwanal were arguing, and that Lady Gwanal was in need of comforting.
  • The boys think to show to take Gwanal to the temple that has been defiled.
  • Madame Vorante passes out from excitement due to something Alexai whispered in her ear.
  • The Madame passing out offered the twins and Gwanal ample opportunity to leave the scene with few noticing.
  • The entrance to the Temple is in the gardens adjacent to the Courtyard.
  • Suhajka entered a trance while shadowing the three to the temple.
  • Vanya was able to bring him out of the trance.
  • Gwanal and Rali entered the defiled temple of Talia Yvarai to find that Talia’s statue was lacking a face, the altar had been split. Also blood and orc body parts were scattered throughout the room.


The new scene opened within the same hour of Lady Shajar Yvarai’s announcement that everyone was to remain in the castle grounds until the party responsible was found, “On Pain of Death.”

Lady Shajar had retired to her personal quarters to avoid the onslaught of complaints that were sure to follow. She appointed Count Kether to be her representative until she returned, much to his dismay.

Count Kether was seen suspiciously trying to exit the council room when he ran headlong into Gwanal Yvarai.

Gwanal requested an audience with Lady Shajar, but also offered a sugguestion of what terrible things might occur if he didn’t see to it swiftly. Kether (second thing true – “The most ruthless bastard you’ll ever meet”) made a note of the threat and went on his way to find the Countess Shajar. But just as he left Gwanal’s presence, she called back to him stating that she no longer had a need for her request.

Meanwhile Vanya connected with the Q’val Shajar who was aggressively trying to find Kether. Thanks to Vanya, he was able to find Kether, and went immediately over to him. The Count Kether turned from Gwanal only to find more demands from Suhajka. The Q’val demanded to be taken to the location of the temple, and then intimidated Kether with his eerie trance-like state. Kether was quickly getting fed up with being made example of in public. It was tolerable for the fact that this was turning out exactly as he had hoped.

Kether used a blessing in turn on Suhajka Jalan that offered the ‘free aspect’ Moving the Pawn (A known elk blessing). The Aspect would offer Suhajka incentive to murder the Twins.

Lady Gwanal developed a plan with Vanya to be shown the temple by the Twins, and went after making it happen. First she spoke to Suhajka, and put on a daring public act of smacking him. This smack drew the attention of the entire party. She then proceeded to lure the boys into her trap, by seducing them into believing that they were comforting a lady of recent misfortune. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The twins both thought to impress Gwanal by showing her the defiled temple. They knew how to get there, given this was their home. At this same point in time, Alexai Yvarai whispered something into Madame Vorante’s ear, and she fainted publically. With this distraction, the three took off for the temple. Maurevel was already in the courtyard, and decided to shadow them. Finally, Suhajka and Vanya would pursue them from a distance.

Sneaking through the garden proved troublesome as guards were stationed here to prevent nosey investigators from finding their way to the temple. The twins and Gwanal began to sneak through the garden, but Gwanal stepped on a fallen twig that caught the attention of the guards. Rali pushed his brother Dagul into the pond in the garden to take the attention away from Gwanal. Gwanal and Rali got away, after leaving Dagul to be spotted. The two would continue to the entrance of the catacombs.

Maurevel Thorne snuck by the guards with no complication.

Suhajka Jalan entered a trance as they passed through the garden. His horrific demeanor became like a man possessed and frightened the guards away from him. Vanya managed to bring him out of the trance, and the two continued in pursuit.

The walkway to the catacombs was a mile long, extending through various downward sloping hallways until they reached the Great Hall of Sarcophagi below, arranged as if they were floating on a lake lining either side of the lit narrow walkway.

Ahead was the temple itself…

As Rali and Gwanal reached the temple, Suhajka and Vanya had reached the Hall of Sarcophagi

Gwanal, Rali and Maurevel entered the temple to find Ork parts have been spread all over the altar to Talia which has been hammered and ruined from it’s once crisp single stone form. Blood has been painted in terrible ritualistic symbols all over the walls. And the face of Talia removed form the statue.

This story will extend to a third session.

The Log

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