Session 5

Story 3, Summer, Year 1, Entry 5


Narrator’s Notes

Out of the mysteries of the Sorcerer King’s ruins and back to some good ol’ fashion political intrigue.

I was very excited to jump back into a session that revolved more around what appears to be the setting focus and the very reason I chose this game to run over other games.

Courts, Nobles, Romance, Revenge, Lust, Duels, Backstabbing, Assassinations….

All of these elements are what drew me to Houses, and I am very excited to see how they play out over time.

Things Made True

As we decided last time, unless the next story forward is clear, we will be starting new Stories with three things true and a Wisdom Risk.

I gave the players the following

  • You have all been invited, and are attending Countess Shajar Yvarai’s birthday court this spring
  • Lady Shajar Yvarai is moving on in life from her years of Summer to Autumnone step closer to solace.
  • There is gossip that the Countess enemy has been invited by mistake, to attend the party.

The Players Gave Me

  • Suhajka is the Enemy she has let in by mistake.
  • Lady Shajar Yvari’s husband is a useless glutton. And I mean GLUTTON
  • In his stead she’s taken to making Vanya’s husband, her lover.
  • Some Speculate Lady Shajar herself invited her enemies
  • The Talashan (Archdruid) from Alexai’s lands has been spreading a cult throughout the rest of the isles
  • The cult has brought Lady Shajar under the Wrath of her favored Suaven.
  • the cult seeks out a treasure held in the coffers of Shajar’s castle, tonight’s party is the night the move to get it.
  • Although she considers Suhajka an enemy, Lady Shajar needs his help to regain her Suaven’s favor.
  • The cult’s worship a being that is a strange abyssal thing once revered by the Sorcerer Kings that has been lost to the annals of time.

Things Made True Throughout the Session, and other various plot points

  • Lady Shajar’s Castle resides on the island of Jaerdom
  • Talia is Lady Shajar’s favored Suaven
  • Her castle holds a secret and private temple dedicated to Talia
  • The temple has been desecrated
  • But it is not what has earned the wrath of Talia Yvarai for Lady Shajar.
  • The Ritual of Progression involves begging the favored Suaven for the right to pass into the next phase of life.
  • Count Kether knows the location of the private temple.
  • The Count owes Lady Shajar a favor.
  • The Lady’s twin sons are present at the party.
  • The Boy from the forest has been taken as a ward by Alexai.
  • The courts have caught onto the Lady Shajar’s situation through the gossip going around.
  • Alexai Yvarai and Madame Vorante have started a romance.
  • The Twins are the reason Lady Shajar is suffering the wrath of Talia.
  • They are also responsible for the defilement of Lady Talia’s shrine.
  • And members of the Cult spread by the Talashan.
  • Talia’s statue was litterally defaced in the desecration.
  • The Twins are both boys, one named Rali and one named Dagul.
  • Madam Vorante’s husband is a very jelous and frightening man.


As mentioned above, this session focused around the Lady Shajar’s Ritual of Progression from Summer to Autumn.

The session started in the beautiful courtyard of Lady Shajar Yvarai, Countess of Ymil, Blooded of the Fox. Various ven gathered in the courtyard to enjoy the warm summer breeze.

Lord Alexai Yvarai entered with his wedded vassals Lady Vanya Steele and Sir Davan Yvarai. Maurevel Thorne entered with his wife, Lady Deta Yvarai; who has made her first scene entrance into the campaign.

Q’val Suhajka Jalan, Lady Shajar’s enemy, was also invited. Some say by mistake. Reguarldess, he accepted the offer and was in attendance. Finally, Lady Gwanal Yvaraiarrived with her Personal Guard.

At this point, the Lady Shajar made her entrance into the court yard. She immediately set her sites on the group of characters that had gathered at the entrance way to converse. The Countess Shajar made a point to ignore Suhajka while conversing with the others. At this point, Shajar invited her neice (Gwanal) to walk with her to find Lady No. This was more to pull her into a personal request than to actually find Lady No.

Sir Davan Yvarai gave Lady Shajar a few looks that his wife managed to catch. It was a look of longing.

While in conversation, Shajar cut to the point of her request. The countess believes that Suhajka is the cause of Talia’s Wrath. She mentioned that she was led to believe so from a Q’val. She spent the rest of the conversation pleading to her neice Gwanal to resolve this for her. Gwanal agreed to look into the matter, but was dissapointed to see her aunt revealing her emotion so openly.

At the same time, tension was rising between Suhajka Jalan and Maurevel Thorne due to a off-handed comment Suhajka made about the Lady Shajar, Maurevel’s mother in law and leige lord. The tension cooled slowly before it was brought to a boil, and Suhajka left to explore the sculpture garden.

While all this is taking place, Lord Alexai and his Seneschal Vanya talk of all the various things that occurred last season, from the death of Yavan Adrente, to the betrothal of Alexai to the Duke’s daughter, to the boy who Alexai has taken on as a ward. Alexai has asked Vanya to help look after the ward.

Gwanal arrives back to where the crowd had gathered, but only Maurevel remains. It’s about this time that the rumors of the Lady Shajar’s situation began to spread like wildfire through the cutthroat crowds of blooded guests. The Lady Gwanal manages to persuade her fellow Baron Maurevel, to deliver to the Countess’ ear any insight he might have gained about the situation from talking to Suhajka.

Back in the sculpture room, Count Kether approaches Suhajka respectfully with his famous mischievous grin. After a few moments of idle chatter, Kether confessed the existance of the hidden temple and it’s current state of desecration. And another important piece is revealed. The relic has been stolen, not destroyed.

Suhajka reacts with a intense, nearly hostile demeanor and a booming voice to add effect. This creates concern for some of the ven nearby. Gwanal is one of the first to arrive on scene, which Count Kether has clearly set up to appear as if he were being pushed around a bit.

Gwanal used her ability to command attention to get Suhajka to listen to her, before he went storming off to find the host with such a hostile demeanor. It was a wise move, that probably resulted in a much less defensive response from Lady Shajar.

At this point Muarevel Thorne managed to find the Lady Shajar and offer his service of aid, as well as to fill in the Lady Shajar on his conversation with Suhajka. He was willing to help, but wanted something in return. As to what, Maurevel did not know.

It was here that the Lady Shajar’s twins (Rali and Dagul) made their presence at the party known. They stood together, mocking a young blooded woman with an obvious air of mischief about them.

Chaos ensued as Madame Vorante found the prey she set her mind on last season, Alexai. I don’t think anyone expected a romance to come from this. But Alexai surprised us all!

Gwanal spoke to the twins and sent Suhajka off to speak with the Lady Shajar. She was able to observe that the twins were right in the middle of something.

Style was used here to make the twins responsible for the desecration of the temple.

Suhajka requested Lady Shajar’s help in finding the party responsible for the desecration of the temple that occurred tonight. This was the first time the Countess heard of the desecration and was quite embarassed that the news had come from her enemy. Maurevel Thorne offered his Personal Guard and Roadmen to his Leige Lady’s endevours should she require them.

In response, the Lady Shajar would make a very bold move for a blooded ven. She would hold an entire party of powerful guests captive within the confines of the castle until the party responsible for the temple’s desecration was found, and the matter was resolved “On Pain of Death”.

It’s here that our story was set to be continued.

The Log

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