Session 4

Story 2, Spring, Year 1, Entry 4


Narrator’s Notes

This session had it’s long and drawn out points, but I think that’s the nature of online gaming. I think after this, I’ve come to realize that I prefer this system within the realm of political intrigue versus the realm of pure exploration.

I think with a lot of the players being new to the setting, they didn’t quite comprehend the amount of contradicting views The Talashan (Archdruid) brought to the ven concepts of Shanri. I think if this session played out with a group that were intimately familiar with the ven, they would’ve had a better idea for the contradictions that came out. For example, the word Shanri means ‘the enemy’. That goes not only for the world itself, but everything and everyone within it.

Where the druid talked a lot about listening to ‘the land’. I am very happy that Caity for grabbing that contradiction by the reigns and playing on it with her character Gwanal Yvarai. Caity, you get a style point!

Things Made True

This session was a continuation of the last, so we did not start with three things true.

The following things were set as prominent story leads

  • The Boy was led by instinct to a hidden prison with a secret room down a long corridor. The room contained many artifacts and treasures of the sorcerer king, including a set of armor with a hole the shape of the yellow gem. Vanya Steele was able to determine that the suit of armor was actually there to protect the artifacts. This room also contained the stone that would open the gate to the sorceror king’s ruins.
  • The Talashan (Archdruid) led the group into the castle and the ritual was performed in the end. The boy was used in the ritual in the end, despite protests; but did not end up dieing in the end.


This episode started right in the thick of things. Where last we left off with Suhajka Jalan, Maurevel Thorne, Gwanal Yvarai ‘s personal guard, and Alexai Yvarai ‘s mass murder scene against the Ork pack, this episode started with the exploration of Vanya Steele and Lady Gwanal’s personal scenes as they dealt with tracking down the boy and The Talashan (Archdruid) who had up and vanished the moment there was a threat.

Vanya Steele sought out high ground to try and get a better vantage point. Even with the thick fog, her endevours were successful. She moved west through the forest and across a river bend and up a gradual climbing hill. Spotting the boy, she called to him, but could not get his attention. It was at this point that she decided to try and chase after him. She found the boy standing before a set of strange stairs that led down into some sort of dungeon. She was reluctant at first to go, but the boy spoke of the pull the place had over him. Like he knew he was supposed to be down there. At that point, Vanya decided to follow.

Cut to Lady Gwanal moving through the forest after the Archdruid. Just as she caught up with him, he seemed to weave through a set of thick brush. She persued and was surprised to find a steep drop at the other end. Tumbling, Lady Gwanal suffered minimal wounds and climbed to her feet. Before her stood the Archdruid with the Yellow Gem, holding it high overhead. Lightning struck the gem and reflected forward to reveal the massive ruins, with a high climbing staircaise to a porticullis and two pillars on either side of the stairwell, shaped like tusks. The Archdruid referenced a need to open ‘the door’, and then the scene changed.

Vanya and the boy moved down into a dungeon filled with a series of prisons and the stench of death. There sat a dozen or so cells with old bones in each one. The bones were clearly ven ancestors. Vanya was able to determine that these were likely the unfortunate ven who once served as slaves for the Sorceror Kings. She might’ve stayed longer to uncover truth, but the boy proceeded forward into the corridor ahead. The corridor led to very large room that contained many relics of the sorceror kings, as well as a suit of armor with a hole in the middle, and three statues that seemed focussed on a stone that sat in the middle statue’s hand.

It was here that the Elk with prominent knowledge of relics knew that the armor’s true purpose in being here was to protect the goods of it’s masters, and slay any who might try to steal them. The boy seemed focussed on the stone ahead, and so Vanya moved to try and turn it.

The wheel turned, and spiked protruded en masse to make her bleed from her hand The blood flowed steadily and perfectly into a basin at the bottom of the stone and the earth began to shook. Vanya grabbed the boy and the moved to head out as quickly as possible.

This is the point in which all three groups came together at the base of the castle, to see that the porticullis had now opened. Whatever that stone did, it also seemed to trigger the porticullis.

As the protagonists approached the castle, they could feel the hair on the back of their neck and arms stand straight up. Something was not right with these ruins. Something terrible once lived here…

They did not spend too much time exploring the ruins, but instead made quickly to find the alter. A wise move, indeed. The alter was found within the grand hall, but there was a problem in getting there. That being a thirty foot wide hole in the ground. It was here that the hole’s depth was tested, but no sound ever returned of the rock that went down. That’s when they determined that jumping was not likely a good idea.

Maurevel Thorne noticed a picture and made reference to it. Gwanal examined the picture and was able to determine that it indicated a reference to the moonlight shining in, and a yellow bird in the foreground.

After some distrust, debate and speculation, they agreed to throw the gem across after Alexai placed his blood over it. Alexai heaved the gem, but it was clear that it would’ve been short the distance it needed to go. This did nto matter, as it seemed to stall all on it’s own in the center of the hole. The moonlight came through the windows in a burst of light and before them stood a blue, sorcerours floor. When the blindness faded, they found the gem on the floor.

Suhajka led the ritual, though skeptical of the Archdruid’s intentions. The archdruid smiled as the ritual began, and faded as a spectre into the wind… The boy took many cuts and lost lots of blood. The place began to shake and the group moved quickly to exit. As they left the last few steps, the place began to sink into the ground until there was no sign of it left, but the tusked pillars…

The Log

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